Vex Gon' Give It To Ya

So here's a pump up song for the best damn archer in the 'verse. And her bear I guess...

I'm Changing The Scanlan Songs Schedule - Here's Why

Hi guys,

If you’re reading this, you probably really enjoy these goofy songs. Thank you for listening. It really does mean a lot.

To me, this whole channel/page/blog/thing just kinda feels like one big musical shitpost. Which is, pretty much, how it all started anyways. When I hopped on Patreon, I wanted to make it a little more professional. So I tried to be very strict with the monthly uploads. And, for a while, that was totally fine. I even managed to keep up that schedule while doing the musical. But right now, I’m a little bit “butter scraped over too much bread.”

I really enjoy making these dumb songs. The next Scanlan Song is already written, I’m trying to make some other cool secret things happen for you guys, and I’ve even got plans to really jump the shark one of these days. But I just can’t keep up with it all right now. I hope you understand.

I’m hoping to take some of that energy and put it back into the Cantata Pansophical. I feel like I owe a lot of people over there a lot of different things. Including a mixtape. So that’s got to happen at some point. And I really want to keep participating in the community. And this is the only way I really know how to do that. And there are also some charity things that are in the works, so hopefully that will go well. And there are collaborations with other critters that I really want to do. And I’ve got to finish my frickin’ album at some point. And…

I really don’t want to burn out. I think the musical definitely did a number on me, so this may just be the delayed repercussions of all that. I don’t know.

So there’s a peek into my head. Anyways, sorry if you were looking forward to next month’s song. Much love. -Will

The Saga of Vox Machina

In which the entire story of Vox Machina is told to the tune of Don McLean's American Pie. This song is for those of you who have four hours every week to watch Critical Role, and, therefore, only have 10 minutes of free time remaining.

Moves With Dagger

Takin' it back to old school CR days! Oh that Vax elf- only one way he moves...

[Spoilers C1E102] Undying King Vecna's Song (Try Him and Flee)

And another request!  While I may not have a #VecnaMusical in me right now, I was listening to John Legend's version over Easter and wrote this.  Please imagine Vecna tap dancing while shooting fingers of death at our favorite heroes during the solo section.  

Let Scanlan Open The Door

Finally- getting back to requests!  However, I've also wanted to do this one ever since I heard it live.  So the lesson is: if you want a request to happen soon(ish), all you need to do is read my mind.  Here's Peter Frampton's Let My Love Open The Door in the style of final-arc Scanlan.  #VecnaMusical #LETMESLEEPFIRSTI'MTIRED

It Was Only A Wish

This is a song I've wanted to do ever since the Vecna fight.  Not a Sam song, but I wanted to do it anyway.  In it are some musings on that final fight and a certain ninth level spell that never got used, set to the tune of The Killers' Mr. Brightside.  We'll get back to some requests soon, but this is something I wanted to make. 

Dear Kaylie (Live)

So I have been running back and forth across the country, releasing a giant musical, and trying to start a new job- and I just have not had the time to record Scanlan Songs.  I hope this video will hold you over until next month.  This song was written by Pumpkin Queen and Angela McCain, and, since I sang it as Scanlan in the musical, I thought I'd try to sing it as Will for you guys.  Here's how the song sounds in my actual range.  And for all of the people wondering if we're cool with you covering our songs... Let this be your answer. 

You can find the entire Hamilton musical rewritten and recorded to fit the Chroma Conclave arc of Critical Role here, for free!:

Sick House

It's February! And also, apparently, 1977.  Here's a fleshed out version of Sam's cover of Brick House (originally by The Commodores).  The mp3 download and lyrics are here on this site, and the Youtube video is here.  And with this, I am officially out of Scanlan Songs.  I had a nice backlog sitting on my hard drive for a while, as I prepared to go into musical-making-mode.  But I've now used all of that up.  Been trying to post consistently on the first of the month, now that I've made a Patreon (which you can check out here, if you are so inclined).  However, I've got a lot of work to do before the musical drops on the 23rd, so I'm not sure what March's song will look like or when it will be posted.  You'll have to settle for 46 brand new songs, in the style of Hamilton :)

Poop Phone Glow

Happy New Year!  To celebrate, here's a song from 2016.  Here, Sam covers Drake's Hotline Bling as a metaphor for spying on Pike's work in Vasselheim.  Ah, love songs... so relatable...

In other news, I've updated my website to make things a little bit nicer, and to test out the capabilities of this website thing that I pay for.  Why would I need to test out the site's capabilities?  I'm sure it has nothing to do with any sort of musical...  Now, you can see the lyrics, album art, and download link all on one page.  I've made it more of a blog style deal, which is a bit different from what you may be used to.  Feel free to give me feedback on the new layout.  I really like being able to see the album art and the lyrics all at once, but if enough people hate it, maybe we'll go back.

Song and Flute

[Spoilers E106ish] As requested, a full version of Scanlan's cover of Suit and Tie by Justin Timberlake!  Here we see that, while Scanlan may have grown a lot as a character (finding a partner in his daughter and a fancy new Vestige), all he really needs is a song in his heart for the magic to happen!  The relevance of this song may have been adversely affected by the CR/Hamilton musical.  I was working on this around the time Vox Machina journeyed to see Ioun, which is why Scan is missing Kaylie and thinking about Vax's little god problem.  Still, this is one of my recent favorites.  The mp3 can be downloaded above, the lyrics are here, and the Youtube video is here

Fish God

So this is the first Scanlan Song I know of that wasn't written by Sam Riegel.  If you haven't read the CR comics... go read the comics, then come back to this.  Matt Colville and Olivia Samson have done an outstanding job.  Also, this song makes no sense without context.  In the book, Scanlan sings a song about his (and some other folks) bravery and might, and I thought it deserved to be heard with ears rather than just looked at with eyes.  So, here's Electric Six's Gay Bar rewritten to be about aquatic deities.  As always, the free mp3 download is above, the lyrics are here, and the Youtube video is here

The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

So I woke up this morning with every intention of doing some school work.  Instead, I saw this thread on reddit and decided to record it immediately.  I wanted to put it out there asap, in anticipation/celebration of the big fight.  Also, because I'm terrified that everyone's gonna die.  Please don't kill them, Matt.  Anyways, because of this, the audio is extra crappy this time!  Enjoy! 

But seriously, /u/QuintonBeck made this post on reddit, kickstarting the writing of these lyrics.  He later edited them to include phrases from /u/omg_really and /u/Rezyk to really flesh out the insanity.  I added a couple lines to finish out the song.  They did a stellar job.  Thanks for a wonderful morning, fellow redditers.  As always, the free download can be found above, the lyrics are on the original reddit thread here, and the youtube video is here.  

The original song is called The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, by Lemon Demon.  I also highly recommend The Mouth Trilogy, which comes from the same insane mind. 


Taryon Wayward Son

So I think this has been requested a few times, but the one I was able to find in my reddit history was from /u/Mortugaler on reddit. Also, /u/ Spinwheeling was kind enough to let me borrow his lyrics for the Dory chorus, which can be found here.  I was so happy to be able to do this one; classic rock is a huge part of my life.  The lyrics for this song can be found here, the Youtube video can be found here, and you can download this track for free above.  As a heads up, I'm planning on releasing an announcement pertaining to this particular project of mine in the coming weeks, so if you'd like to stay informed on all things Scanlan Songs, you may want to consider subscribing to that channel.  (That said, I still think the audio quality is better from this website).  Carry on!


My friend Joe King (aka Renohex aka MC De Rollo) asked me to record this for him.  Joe took Britney Spears's Criminal and rewrote it in true Scanlan fashion.  He wrote it about convincing Kima to ally with a certain poisonous dragon to take down Vorugal.  His lyrics can be found here, the Youtube video can be found here, and you can download this track for free above.  I'm very excited for next month's song, but I've said too much already - I must be tarying on. 

Arrows and Bows

Finally, an actual Scanlan Song!  Hot off the presses from Episode 33, here's Scanlan inspiring our lovely Vex’ahlia with a cover of Elle King's Ex's and Oh's.  The lyrics can be found here, the Youtube video can be found here, and (as always), you can download this track for free above. 

Without Me

[Spoilers E99]: I had to... With apologies to Laura Bailey *harp music*, Sam Riegel, and Eminem. 

This is also not a song Scanlan sings on Critical Role.  We'll get back to your (ir)regularly scheduled programming eventually... Maybe... Eh, who the heck knows.  The lyrics for this song can be found here.   


Somebody That We Used To Know

[Spoilers E85]: So this is not a song that Scanlan sang on the show Critical Role...BUT SCANLAN LEFT SO THIS IS WHAT YOU GET! 

...kidding.  This is a song that Bill Berndtson on Youtube requested from me.  Brian Wayne Foster made this joke on his show Talks Machina, a Twitch/Alpha show where the cast of CR discuss the events of past episodes.  If you haven't seen the show, I highly recommend it.  The lyrics are here, the Youtube video is here, and the (free) mp3 download is in the audio player itself, above. If you have more requests for Scanlan Songs you want me to do, feel free to reach out to me @CrosswaitMusic


Thordak the Cinder King

More requests, yo!  @Jackal9861 asked me to make this for him- Scanlan's song of inspiration before facing the gargantuan fiery dragon known as Thordak.  Who, technically, has a red nose.  This is for all you Critters who are starting to celebrate Christmas either very late or very very early.  The lyrics are here, the Youtube video is here, and the mp3 download is in the audio player itself, above.  If that link doesn't work, shoot me a tweet and I'll fix it.  If you have more requests for Scanlan Songs you want me to do, feel free to reach out to me @CrosswaitMusic