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A song about our favorite gunslinger! Keep on building crazy things, Taliesin! Here are the lyrics and here is the mp3 download. 

Small technical note: I ran out of pages that I'm allowed to host on this site, so I've started to move all the song lyrics to one page.  I hopefully have updated all the links, but feel free to let me know if I missed one. 

Less technical note: For any of you Tove Lo fans out there, I made a rock and roll cover of this same song with a couple friends of mine about a year ago.  If you'd like to hear that, you can find it on my soundcloud here



Stuff he invents
The feeling of Bad News blowing off heads
Smoke, smoke demons
I'll take care and throw away your gun

He walks into the fight
Wanna keep you here
'Cause you snipe my fears
Yeah, may not always be right
But he fights for us
And it's all because

Now if we're talkin' Percy
You've got a perfect gun
So put it on me

And pull that trigger
If you shoot (aim) it right
You'll end its life
On and on and on

Now if we're talking Percy
You've got a perfect gun
And diplomacy
Electric shock and awe
If you charge it right
You'll end it's life
On and on and on

Guns, give me guns
Anything you want, he'll tinker stuff
Arrows to hit
And explode in the air, so dangerous

Our Percy droppin' bodies with his giant gun
Shoot and reload so you can hit another one