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For too long, I've been making these without a song devoted to poop jokes.  No longer!  Please enjoy this cover of Hall and Oates' Private Eyes.  The lyrics are here and you can download the mp3 here.  Also, I've been asked to upload these to Youtube to make listening and sharing easier, so if you'd prefer to listen over there, feel free to follow the Scanlan Songs channel here

Scanlan's Eyes

I see you, you see me
Watch me eyebite
All of my enemies
Oh girl, you've got to know
What my head overlooks
Perception will show to my heart
When it's watching for lies
You can't escape my

Scanlan's eyes
They're watching you
I can see through my poo
Scanlan's eyes
They're watching you
Scanlan's eyes
They're watching you
Watching you
Watching you
Watching you

I play with words
I play with love
You can twist it around, baby
That ain't enough
'Cos girl
I'm gonna know
Whatever I leave behind
Is a crappy window
Don't lie
When you're hurting inside
'Cos you can't escape my

Why you try to put up a front for me
I'm a spy but on your side, you see
Seeming into any disguise

I'll still know you
Look into my Scanlan's eyes  

(Very very blue poo)