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More requests, yo!  @Jackal9861 asked me to make this for him- Scanlan's song of inspiration before facing the gargantuan fiery dragon known as Thordak.  Who, technically, has a red nose.  This is for all you Critters who are starting to celebrate Christmas either very late or very very early.  The lyrics are here, the Youtube video is here, and the mp3 download is in the audio player itself, above.  If that link doesn't work, shoot me a tweet and I'll fix it.  If you have more requests for Scanlan Songs you want me to do, feel free to reach out to me @CrosswaitMusic

Thordak the Cinder KinG

You know Raishan and Vorugal the Frigid Doom,

Brimscythe and Umbrasyl we killed in his room

But, do you recall the most f***ed up dragon of all?


Thordak, The Cinder King had a very shiny gem

and if you ever saw it, run the f*** away from him!

All of the other dragons-

Frankly, they were pretty tame

They're small compared to Thordak

But we'll kill him all the same


Since one foggy Whitestone eve

Raishan came to say

Vox Machina youre so cool

Won't you take his ass to school

Now we have come to stop him

And to set our city free

Thordak the Cinder King

Have you met my friend Bigby?