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So I think this has been requested a few times, but the one I was able to find in my reddit history was from /u/Mortugaler on reddit. Also, /u/ Spinwheeling was kind enough to let me borrow his lyrics for the Dory chorus, which can be found here.  I was so happy to be able to do this one; classic rock is a huge part of my life.  The lyrics for this song can be found here, the Youtube video can be found here, and you can download this track for free above.  As a heads up, I'm planning on releasing an announcement pertaining to this particular project of mine in the coming weeks, so if you'd like to stay informed on all things Scanlan Songs, you may want to consider subscribing to that channel.  (That said, I still think the audio quality is better from this website).  Carry on!

Taryon Wayward Son

Tarry on my wayward son,

There'll be peace when you are done

Lay your weary head to rest

Don't you cry no more


Once I traveled far and wide for amusement

But Vox Machina saw through my illusion

I was soaring ever higher, but I flew too high


Through my father's greed, I still was a kind man

Met him once but didn't talk much to Scanlan!

Doty watches when I'm dreamin  

I can hear him say

Taryon my wayward son,

Rebuild Doty with a gun

Now he's ready for your quest

He won't die no more


Masquerated as a man of experience

My charade is that I am my appearance

And though I claimed to be a wise man, 

I revealed that I don't know

I build wonders when my bro gets a notion

Rags to riches, turning patches to potions

I strip my house of fame and fortune

Still I hear the voices say


Carry on my wayward son, 

Though you think your friends are done

Vax was dead but he's been blessed

Don't you cry no more

Taryon, you will always remember

Tarry on, toward your own new adventures

Now your life's no longer empty

More adventures wait for you