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And another request!  While I may not have a #VecnaMusical in me right now, I was listening to John Legend's version over Easter and wrote this.  Please imagine Vecna tap dancing while shooting fingers of death at our favorite heroes during the solo section.  

Undying King Vecna's Song (Try Him and Flee)


Machina it's wonderful to meet you face to face

I've been hearing whispers of you even cross the planes 

Fighting dragons

Finding vestiges

And now I understand you're Gods

Least that's what Kiki said


So you are the shits

Tell me, what have I missed

Prove to me that you're the best

Tank this beam of ice and death

That's all you need do

And I'll know it's all true

Come on you heroes and fools


Machina you won't believe the impact you have made

Killed my favorite worshiper, well that one didn't take

Oh what a pity

If it's all for naught

But don't you want to see what all your failures have brought


So you are the shits

Taking all of the risk

Prove to me that you're the group

Fill my comforter with poo

If you do that for me

I might spare two or three

Come on you heroes and fools




I only ask things I'd ask any supergroup

What is it that you have got over any other troupe

Ooh, I am waiting, yes I'm a captive fan

Undying here to see one of your famous perfect plans


So if you are the shits

Knock me off of your list 

Save your rogue with just a prayer

Heh, that's fine- you've got a spare

Or has something gone wrong

Why do you take so long

Come on you heroes and fools


Hey, aren't you scared of me, shits

Don't you dare look so pissed

You're a joke, you're not divine

You're just wasting my time

Go, run away

You've got nothing to say


Get out you heroes and...

Get out!

Get out you heroes and fools



Get out you heroes and fools

Get out of my life!