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I think the idea for this one originally came from reddit. I ended up making a snippet of this song for the Cantata Pansophical teaser videos and it was so fun, I had to make a full version. So here's a pump up song for the best damn archer in the 'verse. And her bear I guess...

I’m backing off a bit on the monthly releases of Scanlan Songs, for a little while at least. If you subscribe to me on Patreon, I’ve changed the payment settings so that you’ll only get charged when I make something. I’ll blog about it a bit here, in case anyone is morbidly curious, but don’t worry- I’ll be back with more Scanlan Songs.

Vex Gon' Give It To Ya

Arf arf
Yeah, yeah, yeah (Grrrr)
Uh, Yeah don't get it twisted
This bard shit, is mine
Motherfucker, it's not, a fucking, game
Fuck what you heard
It's what you hearin
It's what you hearin (Listen)
It's what you hearin (Listen)
It's what you hearin (Listen)

Vex gon give it to ya
Fuck wait for you to get it on your own
Vex gon deliver to ya
Knock knock, open up the door, it's me 
Wit the non-stop, hip hop inspiring V
Go hard gettin busy wit it
But you got such a good heart that 

You'll make a motherfucker wonder if she did it
Damn right and she'll do it again
Cuz she can fly so we gots to win
Break break wit the enemy
But no matter how many drakes we break bread wit
They'll break and they'll end a tree
This motherfucker never missin nothin
And your twin said, better stay out her way
She'll put em down, (down)
Got a partner named Trink

But he'll be the one endin up in her bling (Whoo)

Bitch please, 

The only thing your bear did is come out to play
Stay out her way (Muthafucka!)

Ain't never gave nothin to her
But everytime I turn around

Vex makin deals now with how she maneuver
I ain't got it so you can't get it
Lets leave it at that cuz I ain't wit it
Hit it wit full strength

You a fae creature

So you face the world with a wink and a trinket
You against V, V against you
Whatever, whenever
What the fuck you gon do?

Robin hood in sleek clothing
Only archer that you know that can chill

Come back and pull a chic husband

Hawkeye wasn't even in A3

Where you roamin Ronin, you could never step to V

Green Arrow can't even keep a subreddit

Vex is premium unleaded, bitch you know where I'm headed

They don't know how she sneaks
Lookin! but they don't know where she be

Aiiyo where my archers at?!
I know that you're the best in the game

Shootin down who you shootin at

Talk too much for too long
Don't give up you're too strong (What?!)

A town to save then run it
Shoutout to rangers that done it
And it ain't even about the bow
It's about gettin down for what you stand for yo

And fuck Legolas in his aerobic ass

Trink'll do a bear-al roll ova yo Hobbit cameo (BITCH!)