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Will Crosswait is a singer-songwriter from Fairfax, VA.  His influences are broad, ranging from jazz bass to underground hip hop.  He cut his chops in the Fairfax music scene as a bassist, guitarist, drummer, and vocalist across genres such as blues, rock, jazz, and pop.  His debut album features these genres against a backdrop of fast and loose rock 'n' roll and witty lyricism.  Lyrics with ambiguous meaning like " We are not prophets; we're just businessmen" define his songwriting.  His love of wordplay is supported by his grooving bass-lines, wicked guitar riffs, chaotic drums, and passionate vocals.  Will performs sparingly in the DC metro area, but his shows are passionate and memorable. 



Track Listing



Records 1001: Best of April, 2016



Will Crosswait



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Promo Pics

  1. Come and Get It
  2. Why Melissa
  3. Unentitled
  4. The Long Drive Home
  5. No Fairytales
  6. Catchin' Strays
  7. Amongst Crows
  8. Enough
  9. The Tower of Babel
  10. Mental Self-Defense
  11. Lucifer Rising
  12. Jesse James
  13. She's Comin' Back


Classic Rock / Folk Rock / Singer-Songwriter

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Foo Fighters

Jack White

Billy Idol

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